cvs updates

Whenever I run 'cvs update' I always get a long list of '?' status files
? docs/matplotlib.afm.html
? docs/matplotlib.artist.html
? htdocs/backends.html
? htdocs/classdocs.html
? htdocs/screenshots/axes_demo_large.png
? htdocs/screenshots/axes_demo_small.png
? matplotlib/__init__.pyc
? matplotlib/_matlab_helpers.pyc

CVS uses the '?' label for files in my working directory which do not
correspond to anything in the source repository.
These files, for example the .pyc files, are not source files, they are
generated from the source files by the build process.

CVS by default knows that it should ignore files such as *.o and *.exe.
It can be told to ignore additional files in a directory by creating the
file .cvsignore in the relevant directory and listing the files to
ignore (either by name or using wildcards).

So to remove the warnings listed above, you could set up the files







Currently matplotlib outputs postscript graphs which have no bounding box
set. This means that by default they fill the whole page. If you want to
include several plots in the same page in a document (because you
generated them separately, or because the subplot output is a bit messy)
then you have to manually crop each postscript graph. (Atleast that is my
experience with LaTeX via lyx, Word is presumably similar.)

I tried a few tools to fix this. I finally found bbfig:

which correctly calculates the bounding box for an arbitrary
postscript file.

As hinted by this page:

you can do

bbfig | ghostview -

to see the bounding box visually. But /usr/doc/bbfig-1.14/README.RPM
says you can also do

bbfig | gs -q -dNODISPLAY -

then add it output to the top of the ps file to have it be correctly

bbfig is coded in postscript! But I thought you might be interested
in case you want to fix matplotlib so that it outputs correctly
bounded (e)ps files by default.