Customize y axe mpl + wxpython


I'm a new matplotlib user and i have some question on embeded mpl into WxPython app. It's true that i a lot of doc but i don't find my solution (my poor english it's maybe for somethings).
My problem is not to how to embeded it but how customize customize my y axe whit barh chart.

Whit pylab i can do this't
pylab.yticks(pos, testNames)

But how can i do this when i work with wx.

This a part off my code :

def draw_figure(self):


        self.axes.barh([1], 10, 0.2, 4, align='center')
        self.axes.barh([2], 4, 0.2, 2, align='center')
        self.axes.barh([3], 0.5, 0.2, 0.2, align='center')
        self.axes.yaxis.set_label_text("Grp de sauvegarde")

        self.axes.set_yticklabels(('G1', 'G2', 'G3'))
        for i in dir(self.axes):
            print i




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