Custom symbols


I have been trying to plot using custom symbols. I tried three methods:

1) Using LineCollections to plot my own symbols based in a hack kindly
provided by Christopher Barker. Problems: I can not plot the custom
symbols in the legend as the normal markers.
2) Using the custom symbol option in the scatter plot. Problems: the same
as before with the markers in the legend; the symbols looks odd because I
try to plot arrow-like symbols and this feature looks to be thought to
plot closed regular star-like symbols (?).
3) Pathching the source code to define new markers and plot it. This
method works fine but I am tired of patching in a different way each new
release. I realize this is not an "universal" way.

Is there any standar way of plotting custom symbols (with similar
properties as the markers in "plot")?

Thank you.
Jose Sabater