Custom symbols

first of all "" is great ! I really like this.

May I express some idea/suggestions concerning custom symbols:

I came from supermongo to matplotlib. And I liked the way you could
define symbols in supermongo:
  PTYPE n s
where "s" gives the style of the symbol:
  s = 0 open
  s = 1 skeletal; all vectices are connected to the centre
  s = 2 starred
  s = 3 solid
and "n" is a the number of sides the polygon has. For example:
  PTYPE 4 0
creates open squares whereas
  PTYPE 4 1
creatse X-like symbol. Btw. I like those unfilled symbols because you
can plot lots of them without overcrowding your figure.

It is also possible to use
  PTYPE 0 0
which draws the smalles possible dots on a device, i.e. a single pixel
on a screen; this can also be very helpful if you want to plot lots of

One can also use an angle argument, e.g. transform a 'X' symbol to an
'+' symbol by rotation it about 45 degrees.

Is it possible to integrate a similar way to create custom symbols in
matplotlib? Probably something like

  verts = PolyMarker(n=4,s='open',angle=0)

would be nice. Or, if I write something like this myself, is there any
chance to add this to matplotlib ?