Custom axis location: is it possible?

Hi guys, I need to make a figure with custom axis

    > location. I would like to be able to put xaxis and yaxis at
    > arbitrary location (instead of the default location of top,
    > bottom, left, right). One such example would be the
    > symbolline example at
    > I
    > could not figure out how to do this with matplotlib after
    > reading the manual and going through the examples on
    > matplotlib website. I can draw the axis line myself (with
    > axhline and axvline) but it was very tedious and the result
    > does not look good. Can this be readily done with
    > matplotlib? Any suggestion will be appreciated.

There is no better way to do it current;y than they way you are doing
it. It's a limitation and fixing it is on the goals list. If you
want to take a crack at it, check out the code in