create an new axis with y-offset in the same subplot


With the help of sankey-toolbox, we can plot sankey-diagrams automaticly:
The position of a sankey-object is automaticly calculated based on the
position of its prior-object and cannot be given manually; and when a
sankey-diagram is initialized, the position of the first sankey-object will
be assigned with the input of an axis. (the (0,0)-point will be the
center-point of this object)

And Here is the situation: i want to draw two sankey-diagrams in the same
subplot with a given y-offset, therefore are two coordinate systems with
y-offset required. I have tried the 'add_axes' method, but with this method
a new subplot is created and there will be a graphic scaling problem.

Now this is the question: Is it possible to create a new coordinate system
with a given y-offset, without creating new subplot?


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