crash on MacOS X

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Russell E Owen wrote:
> Interesting idea. I'm not sure I'd know how to use more than one numerix
> option at once,

well, I dint' mean more than one numerix option, exactly. What I meant
was that MPL is using numarray, but another module you've imported is
using Numeric (or numpy or whatever).

Ah. I can guarantee that's happening. Some of my code uses Numeric (due
to high speed on short arrays) and some uses numarray (because I started
using it for all new code when it looked like it would take over). I
hope to switch to numpy for everything once the dust settles, but I
don't want to force my users to all move at once (a lot of them are on
unix and will have to manually install numpy -- no big deal, but I get
complaints every time I require a new package).

...Does it happen with wxAgg? or just plain ol Agg? also try the non-agg TK

I don't have wx or gtk installed, so no easy way to test those backends.

It does not crash with plain old Agg (but of course I don't see any

I'll be happy to try the "non-agg TK back-end" if you can tell me what
setting to use for it. I didn't see it in the matplotlibrc's list of
options (but WXAgg is also missing from that particular list), nor on
the "Which backend should I use?" page.

If not, then you've apparently found a tkAgg bug.

TK has always been a bit of a second-class citizen on the Mac -- why
haven't you switched to wx yet? :wink:

I started this project several years ago and at the time Tcl/Tk was the
only game in town for Mac+unix+windows cross-platform support.
Admittedly the Mac support was poor, but it has gotten much better, and
I like Tkinter pretty well overall. It would be a major job to switch
now and I doubt I can justify the expense and time. Sometimes I wish I'd
used Java, even though the I strongly prefer Python, just to get a
standard GUI.

I'm bulding matplotlib from source now, just to see if there might be
some quirk about the installer package.

-- Russell


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