Crash in CVS

Yes, I've just started using python2.3, which is almost

    > certainly the source of the deprecation warnings.

    > And yes, I had passed an integer to the text label
    > command. The crash seems a bit harsh, but at least I can
    > avoid that now.

I've added an automatic string conversion in the set ticklabels
functionality, so that any object that can be converted to a string
with %s will work as an argument to the ticklabels command.

    > I generated a graph with 8 subplots (histograms). I
    > wasn't able to use the title command on the subplots,
    > because the title appeared on top of the plot above
    > it. And I haven't yet figured out how to give the plot an
    > overall title. I'm happy for hints if you have the
    > time. Otherwise I'm fairly happy with what I've got
    > (titles inside each subplot, via the text command, and no
    > overall title).

I've needed this functionality too. I just followed matlab's design
which is to add the title to the current axes. In CVS, I've added a
new figure text function to the class API for Figure. The figure text
is in relative 0-1 coords (0,0 is lower left; 1,1 is upper right).
You can add a title with

  gcf().text(0.5, 0.95, 'Figure Title', fontsize=12)

You can also add text anywhere else you want in figure coordinates
with this command (axis text is in data coordinates). In the examples
dir in CVS there is a file that illustrates this. Perhaps
I'll add a new function figtitle to the matlab functional interface
since this comes up fairly often.

    > Thanks! This is great!

Your welcome!

John Hunter