Couple of questions on plotting

Hi, I'm relatively new to python and matplotlib and trying

    > to make a graph with an inset.

    > How do I control the size of the text in the legend, made
    > using figlegend?

    > I've tried to do something like this:

    > leg = figlegend(lines,(r'r\_f = 1\.5d',r'r\_f = 2d',r'r\_f     > = 4d', r'r\_f = 6d'),(0.7,0.7)) legLbls = leg.get_texts()
    > set(legLbls,fontsize=24)

    > but that seems to have no effect.

Please post a complete example.

    > Also, how do I change the frequency of the tick labeling?
    > I want to label over other tick instead of every tick in
    > the inset figure. Right now it is too busy.

You can set the tick locations and labels with the xticks or yticks
commands. For finer grained control, see the chapter in the users
guide of tick locating and formatting, and

    > So far, matplotlib looks great! Thanks for all the hard
    > work.

Your welcome!