Could Someone Help Me Customise Plots in Matplotlib for Complex Data Visualization?

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I am currently working on a project that requires presenting a lot of data; and I am having difficulty relating to my plots with matplotlib. I am hoping that someone here can help me find out the best strategy to reach my goals.

I am monitoring a set of data with many variables throughout time; and I want to generate a number of graphs which successfully show the data patterns and connections. I am working with data collected over time that includes variables like temperature; humidity; and pressure; and I would like to create a full visualisation such as line plots; scatter plots; and bar charts.

  • How do I correctly combine range; disperse; and bar plots in a single figure? I have been having difficulty combining these many account types in a way that is both clear and attractive to the eye.

  • How can I customise many axes and generate a thorough mythology? For example; the temperature axis should be to the left; humidity to the right; and pressure to the secondary axis. Also; how can I make a diagram that appropriately displays all of the numerous plot types?

  • How do I add documents without crowding the plot? There are particular situations in the data that I need to highlight with comments, and I would like to add information and indicators indicating to them; but I have trouble locating them correctly.

  • How can I use uniform palettes and styles in my plots? I would like to use a color scheme that allows me to easily identify between all of the factors, as well as a particular style in order to make my plots look more appealing and professional-looking.

I was able to make separate plots for each variable, but applying them into a single figure was difficult.and also tried using parts; but it did not give me what I wanted.and I tried changing the axes and mythology, but Iā€™m still not happy with the results.

  • How to effectively apply line; disperse, and bar plots in a single figure.
  • How to customise numerous axes and build a detailed explanation.
  • How to include observations without complicating the plot.
  • How to Use Similar Color Patterns and Styles.

Also I explored some topics related to this but I did not get the sufficient solution of my query so I would really want to get some help from a more experienced person.

I would greatly appreciate any extra information and knowledge :saluting_face: :saluting_face: that would be very helpful for me.

Thank you in advance for your help :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hello @SassySiren
When you have to effectively combine line, scatter, and bar plots in a single figure, follow these steps:

  • Use subplots for each plot type
  • Customize axes and labels
  • Align plots and add a legend
  • Use a consistent color scheme and style
  • Add annotations to highlight specific points
  • Optimize the layout to avoid crowding