Corrupted percent signs in labels

Benjamin Root <ben.root-GrrYUJ3DTa8@...1455...> writes:

>>> For some reason, my matplotlib isn't able to print percent signs ('%')
>>> properly:
>>> [1] inspiron:~/tmp# cat
>>> import matplotlib
>>> import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
>>> import numpy as np
>>> print matplotlib.__version__
>>> plt.plot(np.arange(10), np.arange(10)**2)
>>> plt.xlabel('Percent [%]')
>>> plt.savefig('mplbug.pdf')
>>> [0] inspiron:~/tmp# python
>>> 1.1.1rc2
>>> I have attached the resulting PDF. For some reason, the slash in the
>>> percent sign becomes a triangle that partially covers the upper left
>>> circle.
>>> Known bug? Any workarounds that don't require upgrading (I'd like to
>>> stick with the Debian package)?
>> I'm using the AGG backend and saving to a png file without any
>> problems, but I'm using the current git master branch. I'll try to see
>> if I can recreate on 1.1.1rc2. Watch this space.
> No dice. I still can't recreate your problem on OS X 10.7.4 with
> matplotlib version 1.1.1-rc2.
> What are your font/tex specifications in the matplotlib.rcParams

For me the problem occurs with PDF files, not PNG files. Or was that
just a typo?

Font specifications are all default.

# python -c 'import matplotlib; import pprint;
# pprint.pprint(matplotlib.rcParams)' | egrep 'tex'
'legend.handletextpad': 0.8,
'': 'serif:bold',
'': 'cursive',
'mathtext.default': 'it',
'mathtext.fallback_to_cm': True,
'mathtext.fontset': 'cm',
'': 'serif:italic',
'mathtext.rm': 'serif',
'mathtext.sf': 'sans\\-serif',
'': 'monospace',
'text.antialiased': True,
'text.color': 'k',
'text.dvipnghack': None,
'text.hinting': True,
'text.latex.preamble': [''],
'text.latex.preview': False,
'text.latex.unicode': False,
'text.usetex': False,

I think I know why this is happening. Iirc, we recently took on a patch to
allow string formatting for labels. For most cases, it shouldn't effect
anybody, but if there is a lonely percent sign, I would imagine it could
cause issues. As a test, try a double percent sign '%%'. If that works,
the my theory might be right.

Nope, using '%%' just results in two corrupted signs in the PDF.




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