Coordinate "animated" plot with Cursor widget

Hello everyone,

The problem I’m having can be seen by running the code at (it is 90 lines long, couldn’t make it shorter in order to demonstrate almost everything I wanted, not including in the email since the indentation might get broken).

I’m trying to replot a line every X milliseconds – if there is new data – together with the Cursor widget. So far I have no issues in plotting such line, but the Cursor flickers when the plot is redraw. I guess my issue is that Cursor uses blit, while I’m not using the blit technique for replotting. Should I be doing this animation in a whole different method ? Or is there a way to use Cursor in this setup without seeing it flickering ?

I didn’t manage to use FuncAnimation because the data arrives in irregular intervals (not in the code included, but in the real case), from different sources from the network. Note that redrawing the line is not an issue speed-wise, since the number of points is relatively low. It is just that the Cursor flickers whenever the plot is redraw.