Contour Plot of experimental data


I've found no possibility to plot my experimental data with Matplotlib.

The data are coming in the form of a list of xyz vector.
But Matplotlib needs 2D grid, which I can't provide.

Does anybody know a solution of such a problem?

It will be pretty nice to integrate a conversion from the list format
I pointed on
into 2D grid. I guess for correct transformation will be nice to define the area
where provided data make sense.

Using arbitrary area for 2D plotting will be even better for everyone,
cause 2D rectangle grid is very particular case, which can be realized
mostly for function plotting and even not for every function.

Second question will be whether it is possible to shift the Z axis for better
data presentation of surface plot, or one has to subtract the certain
value to see
the profile more clearly.

Thanks in advance!

Thanks for great lib.