contouf and colorbar

Thank you so much Ben,
Now the plot comes correctly after trying your suggestion.
I set cmap.set_under() and cmap.set_over() before calling contourf() and now the plot comes correctly irrespective of cal to the colorbar() function.



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Dear Ben,
you are right, contouf() omits the red and blue values without colorbar.

  1. If i call set_under() and set_over() before calling contourf(), i get an error. This is obvious because i am setting a property of the countourf() object before creating it. I get NameError: name ‘CNF’ is not defined

  2. If i set set_under() and set_over(), after the colorbar(), the colorbar() is shown correctly but contourf() again dose not create the red and blue values. I have also attached my test matrix file with this mail.


Bala, in the code example you gave, you have a cmap object that you pass into contourf. The cmap object that you are accessing after contourf is exactly the same object, so why not just call “cmap.set_over()” before the contourf()?

Ben Root