Connecting Mouse Double Click...

Hello NG,

    I was surfing over the matplotlib classes API, and I didn't find
anything about a way to connect an event like a mouse left double-click. Is
this actually possible? If this is not, is there a way to hack the
button_press_event handler in a way to discard the first click (maybe based
on a time.time() call?) and take only the second click if, say, less than 1
second is gone after the first click?

Thanks in advance for every idea.


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Are you using MPL with wxPython? I'd expect so.

In which case, you can use it embedded, and have wx do the event handling. I really think that's the way to go. I'm not sure it's such a good idea for MPL to wrap GUI functionality, let's not try to build a yet another GUI toolkit -- that way lies AnyGUI, and that way lies madness!

Make sure to check out wxmpl and/or Mplot:

By the way, unifying those two packages would be a great wxPython/MPL project, if you're looking for a new one!



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