Confidence Interval

Hi, is there a way to display confidence intervals other

    > than using Polygon like, e.g.

    > ax = subplot(111) # make the shaded region upperPoints =
    > zip(runs, upperConf) upperPoints.reverse() verts =
    > [(runs[0], upperConf[0])] + zip(runs, lowerConf) +
    > upperPoints poly = Polygon(verts, facecolor=0.6,
    > edgecolor=0.6) ax.add_patch(poly)

Have you seen fill?

For upper and lower bounds, you need to reverse the x values for the
lower bounds, so the polygon will fill in order. Here's how you would
do it with it with lists (untested), where x are the x data points and
upper and lower are len(x) lists with the upper and lower confidence bounds

  xr = x[:]
  fill(x + xr, upper + lower)