Compiling on Windows

    > I've been using the cvs version on Mandrake, but I'll need
    > to be working in WinXP and using the "embedded TkAgg"
    > facility. I looked into compiling on WinXP, but that looks
    > like something I'd like to avoid.

    > Is it too much to ask for an upgrade to the Windows
    > installer? Alternatively, tell me that compiling is not as
    > bad as it looks, and that it actually goes rather smoothly. points you to which is
required. There is a README in that dir that contains detailed build

If this proves too much of a pain, I'm sure Todd or I could provide a
build for you in the not-too-distant future.

Yes, I've seen the pointer along with the word "masochist", and the
If 0.53 is coming in a few weeks, I'll wait. I have enough to do fixing OSX

-thanks, gary


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