compiling matplotlib on Solaris 10

Nadia, John,
Thanks for the help/pointers. Unfortunately nothing worked so far.

I started with gcc 3.4.3 and even compiled latest available 3.X gcc (3.4.4) but that did not help.

It sounds like older versions of Solaris work. In my case downgrading the OS is not an option.



The only way I can compile matplotlib on Solaris is using gcc
(by setting CC to gcc).
I am on Solaris 8 and use gcc 3.2.2.
Python was compiled with Sun's compilers, but I think as long
as python version is 2.3 or later, distutils will pick up the
compiler from the environment variable CC.


John Hunter wrote:
>>>>>>"mmadecki" == mmadecki <mmadecki@...614...> writes:
> > Hi, I'm trying to compile Matplotlib 0.82 on Solaris 10
> > (SunOS 5.10_x86). I've seen similar posts but no
> > solutions to this problem (see errors below). Any help
> > is greatly appreciated.
> If you search for "error" from the beginning of your gcc output, the
> first match is
> error: `::btowc' has not been declared
> If you paste that into google, the first result you'll see is a post
> to matplotlib from Mike Rightmire, who offlist and with the help of
> Thomas Wessell, worked around this problem with a brute force
> approach. I believe Erik Curiel had a similar problem on a solaris
> box recently.
> The most informative google result I saw was when I took you error
> message and added some quotes to reduce false matches
> error: `::btowc' "has not been declared"
> [Aside: putting double quotes around the entire string did not match
> this result; apparently google does not handled nested quotes very
> well.] Fourth from the top and was
> Compilation error on Solaris .
> This thread is not related to matplotlib, and first response there
> isn't too helpful, but if you follow the rest of the thread you'll get
> lots of good information. In particular, this response looks helpful
> Compilation error on Solaris
> Nadia is the only person I know personally who actively compiles mpl
> on a solaris box; I hope she has some suggestions for you.
> Cheers,
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