Compile and/or import problem

I'm having some problems compiling matplotlib 0.7.1 on

    > solaris 8. I believe I have all the prerequisites there.
    > If I try to compile with as it is originally,
    > immediately it complains with "sh: pkg-config: not found",
    > and finally dies after working a while. If I change
    > "BUILD_GTKAGG = 0" it compiles with some complaints like

    > /usr/local/pkg/python/include/python2.3/pyconfig.h:856:1:
    > warning: "_XOPEN_SOURCE" redefined <command line>:1:1:
    > warning: this is the location of the previous definition

I believe this is a solaris compiler bug -- we've seen it a couple of
times before. Search the matplotlib-users mailing list archives for



I can't remember the answer, but I know there are a few posts on the
subject there...