comments in load function

       Hi John, I saw that you add in the load function

    > the possibility to have some line comment with the
    > character '%'. I would like to change this function and
    > generalize a little bit this. Not everyone is using the
    > character '%' but some other like '#' or '!'. So I add
    > this possibilty to the function. I don't know if you are
    > agree with it but in case I join the change below.

OK, that's a good idea. I added it to In the future,
please add changes to the docstring as well when you change the
function, so that folks who do help(load) will get some information on
what the comments kwarg does. Thanks...

    > Another things, I think there are a small bug for the
    > Tkagg backend. When I close the windows instead to come
    > back to my shell I'm arriving in a python shell. I tried
    > (when I had my laptop) with the Gtkagg backend and I
    > didn't notice this problem.

Not technically a bug, as it was intentional, but perhaps an
annoyance. In order for python to work with idle, we need this line

  os.environ['PYTHONINSPECT'] = '1'

in the show function of backends/ If you comment out
this line the shell will not be raised.

Todd, any objection to making this an rc parameter, so that people can
optionally have this feature? Something like

tk.window_focus : False # Maintain shell focus for TkAgg
tk.pythoninspect : False # True for interactive idle