comments in load function

Hi John,

I saw that you add in the load function the possibility to have some line comment with the character '%'. I would like to change this function and generalize a little bit this. Not everyone is using the character '%' but some other like '#' or '!'. So I add this possibilty to the function. I don't know if you are agree with it but in case I join the change below.
Another things, I think there are a small bug for the Tkagg backend. When I close the windows instead to come back to my shell I'm arriving in a python shell. I tried (when I had my laptop) with the Gtkagg backend and I didn't notice this problem.



def load(fname,comments='%'):
    Load ASCII data from fname into an array and return the array.

    The data must be regular, same number of values in every row

    fname can be a filename or a file handle

    matfile data is not currently supported, but see
    Nigel Wade's matfile

    Example usage:

    x,y = load('test.dat') # data in two columns

    X = load('test.dat') # a matrix of data

    x = load('test.dat') # a single column of data


    if is_string_like(fname):
        fh = file(fname)
    elif hasattr(fname, 'seek'):
        fh = fname
        raise ValueError('fname must be a string or file handle')
       X = []
    numCols = None
    for line in fh:
        line = line[:line.find(comments)].strip()
        if not len(line): continue
        row = [float(val) for val in line.split()]
        thisLen = len(row)
        if numCols is not None and thisLen != numCols:
            raise ValueError('All rows must have the same number of columns')

    X = array(X)
    r,c = X.shape
    if r==1 or c==1:
        X.shape = max([r,c]),
    return X