colorbar() ticklabel color


I am trying to produce a pcolor figure with a black background using

    pylab.figure(facecolor = 'black')

Consequently, I need to change the tick colors and xlabel and ylabel
colors to white using

    pylab.xlabel('whatever is on the xlabel', color = 'white', fontsize
= 14)
    pylab.ylabel('whatever is on the ylabel', color = 'white', fontsize
= 14)

    pylab.yticks(color = 'white')
    pylab.xticks(color = 'white')

Up to this point, everything is OK. The next thing I need to do is
change the colors of the ticks and the ticklabels in the colorbar. I
understand that there are no simple pylab. commands which do so. I saw
in some matplotlib-users messages that one can write the following to
change the fontsize, for example:

    for t in

I tried adding another line to this loop:


On one hand, there is no error message during parsing or compilation. On
the other hand, nothing actually changes, i.e. the color of the
ticklabels and ticks stays black.

How does one change this property?