Color for plus symbol always black

I recently upgraded to the binary for Windows version

    > 0.60.2 and found that the plus (+) symbol always plots in
    > black even though a color is specified. My fix was to
    > change the parameter lines.markeredgecolor to the color I
    > wanted using the rc() command and then to revert to the
    > default using rcdefaults(). This works ok for me but I
    > thought you might want to know in case it's a bug.

Yes, this is a bug, sort of. '+' is a marker. In the current
matplotlib, the colorarg only sets the marker face color but not the
edge color. For circles and the like, this is normally not a
problem. But for '+' it makes no sense.

In the next release, color args will affect both the edge and face
colors, and you can override this by providing a kwarg, eg

  >>> plot(range(10), 'r+') # red plusses

  >>> plot(range(10), 'ro') # red circles, edge and face

  >>> plot(range(10), 'ro', markeredgecolor='k') # red face, black edge

Thanks for letting me know.