Color Bar in Contour Plot

Lorenzo Isella wrote:

Eric Firing wrote:


1) What version of mpl are you using?

2) Please generate a short, simple stand-alone script that illustrates the problem. Use some minimal amount of fake data, preferably generated by a function rather than read from a table.


Dear Eric,
Thanks for your help.
(1) To be fair, I am quite a newbie and I do not know. I am using Debian testing on my box; is there an easy way to find out what mpl I have installed? However, I installed pylab from standard repositories, if that matters.

import matplotlib
print matplotlib.__version__

(2) Here I first present a script with fake data (basically I generate a function for the contour plot) and the original one using two input data files (I have no really other choice here, since with a function I cannot reproduce the bug so far).

The problem seems to be the previous plot, which is fouling up the colorbar axes tick labeling. This looks like a bug, but I have not tried to track it down. In any case if you don't make the previous plot then the colorbar labeling is OK. See attached modification of your second script.

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