So I am going to go ahead and throw this one out. It is

    > by no means complete.


Cool, I just go that working on Panther. For those who want to try
it, I'll add to Charles instructions that you need to add CocoaAgg to
matplotlib/ and matplotlib/backends/

It looks nice! Charles, the toolbar will be easier than you think,
since all you have to do is make the right connections to mouse press
event, motion notify event and so on. If you set up the events, mpl
will do the rest. Also, the save figure button doesn't seem to do
anything. I assume this is just a place holder?

    > There a lot of things I would like to do with this
    > including using QTKit to dump a movie and adding
    > clipboard support. Long term, it would be nice to make
    > the plots embeddable in an app.

Sounds good -- keep up the good work!