clipping feature?

Specifically, what about making the default behaviour to

    > clip the data at the first point which is equal or
    > greater than the axis range? That should maintain the
    > efficiency gains of clipping, while still keeping the
    > scientific plotting behaviour that I think most users are
    > accustomed to.

Hi Matthew -

That's a good idea - the data clipping feature was a gotcha for many.
For the next release, I turned data clipping off by default since I
don't think it's the typical use case and implemented the "first point
which is equal or greater" suggestion. However, I also have created a
config file, so you can set the default as you like.



Now that we have the lovely new syntax for setting legend labels for each

plot(x, sin(x), label='sin(x)')
plot(x, cos(x), label='cos(x)')

how do we then move the legend from the default upper right location?


turns the legend on, but the LOC argument has to be second or third, after
the LINES and/or LABELS. What about a new loc keyword for legend? E.g.


While we're talking about problems inherited from matlab's use of
positional arguments, is there some easy way to set the x or y axis limits
without setting the other axis? E.g. if I want to leave the x axis
automatic, but manually set the y axis?

I looked at help(axis) and at

and I couldn't see anything obvious like xaxis or yaxis functions.

This works:

autoaxis = axis()
autoaxis[2:4] = (ymin, ymax)

but what if I add a plot afterwards that changes the x axis limits?

And it seems like hard work compared to:

yaxis(ymin, ymax)