clf(), Axes3D and add_subplot

I agree that Axes3D should not add itself to the Figure object anymore. The original implementation made sense, but now, it is merely legacy cruft that will need to be eliminated appropriately over time.

There are probably a few minor issues I have before moving forward with a complete deprecation of the old method of creating a 3d axes (namely the subplot margins might be too big), but I will leave that to another thread.

Thanks for the patches!

Ben Root


On Wed, Sep 8, 2010 at 8:06 PM, Eric Firing <efiring@…229…> wrote:


I just wanted to raise a question of whether we let Axes3D add itself

to its parent (although this is not a bug anymore). If you and others

feel okay about it, then that’s completely fine with me also.

It sounds like a valid point, worth addressing, but it is one I will leave to you, Ben, and Reinier to sort out.