Class RubberbandWidget

Hello John, it was pretty easy to rewrite the (formally

    > called) LineSelector so that the callback-function now
    > awaits two events (press and release). Now it is possible
    > to use the different mousebuttons. (By the way: It is
    > checked if press- and releasebutton are the same.)

    > If you want to include the RubberbandWidget - please feel
    > free to do so.
Thanks Martin,

The changes are in CVS

  Checking in lib/matplotlib/;
  /cvsroot/matplotlib/matplotlib/lib/matplotlib/,v <-- new revision: 1.23; previous revision: 1.22

I made a few stylistic changes to use mpl naming conventions and added
your example to examples/widgets/ . I also
decided on the name "RectangleSelector" since rubberband won't mean
much to many people.

    > I took the latest CVS, tried it again with GTKAgg, WXAgg
    > and TkAgg and (as you said) it worked fine!

That's the great thing about using Agg as a common renderer and doing
event handling with the MDE. Folks using other GUI toolkits get to
reuse your work (and contribute to it).

Thanks for the widget!