Changing the font

The default font family is sans-serif, so you also need to add: : serif

I think that should solve the problem.



On Thu, Apr 1, 2010 at 11:21 AM, Alex S <schmitt.happens@...287...> wrote:

Hi there,
I'm trying to change the font default on my graph to New Century Schoolbook.
I'm trying to do this by editing the matplotlibrc file. Unfortunately,
although I'm able to change the, I can't figure out how to make
it use something other than the default in the family... I tried changing
the list further down to only include the font I want, like this:

font.serif : New Century Schoolbook #Bitstream Vera Serif, New
Century Schoolbook, Century Schoolbook L, Utopia, ITC Bookman, Bookman,
Nimbus Roman No9 L, Times New Roman, Times, Palatino, Charter, serif

(note I commented out the other fonts, just rearranging the list to put New
Century Schoolbook first didn't seem to work either)

Could anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?