Changing figure background color (through rcparams?)


True enough, I didn't tested in a Notebook, but now it seems to work as

(just a test with mpl.rcParams['axes.facecolor'] = 'red')



Le 25/03/2014 18:20, Adam Hughes a écrit :

Thanks Pierre.

I tried this with several different color types and couldn't see any
difference in my plots in the notebook. Did you by chance try this
out and see a difference?

On Tue, Mar 25, 2014 at 9:51 AM, Pierre Haessig > <pierre.haessig@…1709… <mailto:pierre.haessig@…1709…>> wrote:


    Le 20/03/2014 18:40, Adam Hughes a écrit :
    > I am using an IPython notebook style that has a soft, yellow
    > background that I think is more appealing that white. When I make a
    > plot, I'd like the background of the plot (ie, everything that is
    > outside the x and y axis) to be the same color. I'm trying to
    > the figure.facecolor parameter through rc params but I don't see any
    > changes. Is figure.facecolor event he correct parameter?
    > Has anyone done this successfully?
    I think that 'axes.facecolor' does the job.

    'figure.facecolor' changes the background of the figure outside the
    plots (axes), that is the background color of the windows (which
    is not
    visible in the Notebook).


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