changes in wx embedded plot after py2exe or resizing

Using Python 2.5, wxPython (msw-unicode) matplotlib 0.90.1
on winXP. I have two questions:

  1. I have a small working app that produces a matplotlib plot.
    This is a plot embedded in wxPython (it’s not using Pylab).
    When it is run as a python script, it looks fine. However, after
    packaging it into an .exe with py2exe (using GUI2Exe to do that),
    the font and size of the axes are different: smaller, and now in

italics. See attached picture. I also get the errors:

C:\mycode\dist\myapp.exe\ UserWarning: Could not find matplotlibrc; using defaults
C:\mycode\dist\myapp.exe\ UserWarning: could not find rc file; returning defaults

I did include in the data files this folder:

and in the Python packages I included:

  1. I thought that was the only error, but now I also see that, in
    either case (as a python script or as a .exe file), each time I
    resize the window, and the plot resizes (it is in a wxPython
    sizer), the color of the data line changes randomly! It starts
    blue, and then as I resize it it can be green, red, whatever.
    In the picture attached, with resizing they’ve wound up different
    colors, though they both started blue as they should have.

Any ideas?