CFC: An Atlas of Linguistic Graphs

Thanks for the message. I know networkx having used

    > it in the early development of the project. It's a
    > good package but is missing of some basic functions
    > that I need to use, related to the analysis of
    > graphs. Since my programming skills are quite weak,
    > I'm not able to supply this lack through usual
    > python programming code. Best, Nico

I've CCd Aric Hagberg, one of the networkx developers. If you describe
the missing features, he might be able to help add them to networkx.
I believe he has also applied network theory to healthcare, though in
the epidemiology domain.


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Subject: [Matplotlib-users] CFC: An Atlas of Linguistic Graphs
Date: Sun, 30 Apr 2006 18:44:13 +0200
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I'm a researcher in graph theory and networks.
I'm working about a project connected with the theory and the applications of
linguistic graphs, which are mathematical structures useful to represent
languages and consequently to manage the organization of data in different
kinds of scientific fields.
At the present I'm developing an application of these graphs to medicine,
specifically related to the ontology of clinical diseases.
And now to the purpose of this message, which is to ask if someone in this list
can be interested in collaborating with me about the construction of an open
source software useful to represent, to analyse and to compare linguistic
I've developed the project but don't have the necessary programming skills to
proceed with the creation of the code.
The software would be distributed in public domain and the collaboration would
be free and voluntary.
I really hope that someone can be interested.
In the case, please feel free to contact me by using my private e-mail address.
I'll be pleased to send the complete documentation related to the project.
Really many thanks.

All the best,
Giandomenico Sica

Faculty of Philosophy
Leiden University


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