Centered y-axis

Hi there,

I have some data whose x values supposed to be centered around 0. So I'd like
to position the y-axis at x=0, but centered in the plot (e.g. -1<=x<=1).

I'm a matplotlib newbie (from what I've seen so far it rocks btw), but as it
stands it seems impossible to do this with the axes() command. On the goals
page I came across "Detachable axis from main axes box and customizable
tickline locations" which seems to aim for functionality which could do this.

So, my question is: Can I center my y-axis in current versions of matplotlib
(am currently using 0.80-r1 on gentoo) and if so, how? If not, what's the
implementation status of this new feature?



Kilian Hagemann

Climate Systems Analysis Group
University of Cape Town
Republic of South Africa
Tel(w): ++27 21 650 2748