capturing arrow key events

OK, here are the diffs for each backend:

OK, I added these to my local tree. Thanks for tracking these down
across backends. Now if Gregory or someone can just get these for
fltk, we'll be done.

    > As for my problem with gtk and the down key, I've rebuilt
    > pygtk (2.6.1), installed matplotlib 0.80, and the problem is
    > still there. I whipped up a trivial pygtk program which was a
    > window which connected to key press events and it worked just
    > fine, so it seems that there's something that matplotlib is
    > doing which triggers the bug (that's not to say the bug is in
    > mpl of course). I'm guessing there is something in my system
    > setup which is flakey and causing it to happen, but it's 3am
    > and I'm tired so I'll just live with it for now :slight_smile:

I have seen on some GUIs that different keyvals are sent for the same
key, so do check and see what event.keyval is reporting; you may need
to add additional dictionary entries to keyvald. I also tried to
replicate the problem on pygtk-2.0.0 on win32, but down-arrow press
and release worked as they should.