Cannot get non bold fonts


I am trying to get the fonts in the plots to be exactly like LaTeX would
give me in math mode using the \mathrm command.
So I set up the text to be in serif but still the font is too bold, I tried
to play with weight but I see no difference at all. In the following short
example you will se
my probelm.

When running it in the legend I put in the second legend the word 'twist'
like I wish all my text would look like, I obtained it by cheating and using
within LaTeX math mode the \mathrm command, and after as you can see there
is the 'normal' word twist which appear too bold.

Where is the problem ?

Also I was thinking to use these kind of \mathrm cheats to fix it but when
using past functions I wrote for a previous matplotlib version it appear
that even the digits on the axis appear in a weird bold manner.

My question is the mthe following how can you force all text to look like
the font I want, is there a dedicated method or a brute force,... I would be
grateful to have anything !



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