calling basemap has segmentation error

Hello, Dear all,
I am using matplotlib and basemap. It worked well in my home computer until recently, when I perhaps made an automatic upgrade of the system and softwares using apt-get . Now I can import matplotlib and basemap without errors, but when I run the example/ from the basemap package, there is a segmentation error. I tracked and found it happens with the line “Basemap(projection=‘robin’,lon_0=200.1666487)”. I have search internet but not found the solution, and I am completely confused now. It would be very good to have help from anyone here, and many thanks in advance !

the version of matplotlib: 0.99.0
the version of numpy: 1.3.0
the version of basemap: 0.99.3
the version of geos: perhaps 3.0 or 3.1 (I used dpkp -l and found
the version of python: 2.6 (though 2.5 is also installed).
OS : kubuntu 9.10


xiaoni wang