Calling all Mac OSX users!

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The mpl developers are getting very close to the long-awaited v1.1.0 release
of matplotlib. Before we do so, we are doing some final checking of the
documentation to make sure that all critical pieces of information iss
correct and up to date.

In checking over the instructions for building and installing matplotlib on
MacOSX, I have found two separate sets of instructions. On the install
page, there is a reference to a README.txt file in "release/osx". This file
is there, but it seems to refer to other files that no longer exists.
Meanwhile, there is an un-referenced file in the top directory called
README.osx that seems a lot more current.

Because I do not have a Mac that I can use for development, I would like to
ask the community for help in determining the correct set of instructions
and to eliminate cruft. I think it would also be useful to point users to
any relevant instructions for installing/building numpy on Macs. I would
also like to make sure we are current with information on installing on a
stock Lion install.

Please feel free to respond on this list, or better, make a branch on github
and submit pull requests to help us improve these documents.

Building on MacOS X would be just like unix if did not have
the MacOS X-specific stuff commented out. The libraries are here on
MacOS X:
/usr/X11/lib/ for libpng and libfreetype
/usr/lib/ for libz

That would greatly simplify the readme files.

That said, some Mac users like to use MacPorts, fink or similar software
to install unix tools. I don't know what happens if those are used. One
solution is to not search those directories by default and suggest that
users edit if they wish to use those versions.

There are, or were, also files that create the Mac binary installers
using "make". I suspect one of the readme files you are asking about
refer to those files. I have no idea if those files still work. I make
those binaries now, and I do it by hand. Last I looked, those files were
in the repository, but for some reason were excluded from the source

-- Russell


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