Call notes from 2018-03-05

Tom, Hannah, Jody, Eric

- Discussed backlog of PRs
- Discussed projects for a summer students
   - units working with Ryan?
   - improve image comparison test
- Discussed planning for documentation mini-workshop
   (notes from Hannah)
   - inventory of docs + more detailed plan of work
   - task: page or two plan of what the tasks would be for the docathon
     1) outline of what the documentation should be
     2) here's the 7things you want to do per domain
   - figuring out the user stories/narratives
   - more book like? cookbook vs narrative
   - expectation setting/transparency about what the library can do -
     sign post external libraries
   - clearer statement of matplotlib's purpose
   - price out hotels + travel + loop in james powell for food
   - who to invite
   - how it interact with BIDS
- Discussed centralizing tight_bounding_box
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