call for chapeters in a book about freeware/opensource in chemometrics

Dear All,
me and other two colleagues will be interested in writing a tutorial book about the use of opensource/freeware software in chemometrics (mainly python oriented).
I've contacted the editor at Blackwell publishing that has told me that can be interested in it and sent me the module for submitting the "official" proposal.
I will be very glad to hear from everyone that would like to write a chapter on it.
In my opinion it will be the best to have a book with lots of examples that covers "simple" task, but i will be also glad if anyone would like to write tutorial chapter of less commons subjects.
for any feedback just write to me
I guess this can be both a change for spread the word of opensouce/freeware togheter with chemometrics also to let know the audience that it's not necessary to invest a lot of money in software for working in chemometrics.
Of course, since there are not too much freeware/opensource software in the field, it can be a chance to "advertise" personal built-in software and to "start" something new.
I hope to receive help and I will be glad to talk with enthusiast all around


P.S.: (sorry for cross posting)


Dr Giorgio Luciano Ph.D.
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