button graphics not there

I've had various versions of matplotlib from CVS installed on an Opteron (Red Hat LInux) here for a few weeks now. I had to modify setupext.py to look for various libraries in ../lib64 instead of /lib but matplotlib works very nicely most of the time, and I have started using it for real work.

One cosmetic problem: the buttons at the bottom of the plot window have their graphics messed up. They just look like red crosses. The floating xml works, so I know what the buttons do, and it doesn't inconvenience me --- but it looks bad.

Presumably some library is either out of date, incomplete, or not linked correctly. I am using the default TkAgg backend. Any thoughts on what I should look for would be appreciated.

BTW the matplotlib users_guide_0.83.2.pdf seems to be unreadable from my Mac. It appears blank in (Tiger) Safari, and preview cannot open the file: it gives 'File error'.

Regards, George Nurser.