Bus error on Mac OS 10.3.9

Hi folks,

    > I've just installed MacPy 2.4.1, the latest numpy & scipy,
    > and mpl-0.87.2 on a colleague's Panther PowerBook. numpy &
    > scipy installed fine and passed all tests. For mpl, we
    > installed zlib from source, and initially installed Freetype2
    > and libpng via the i-Installer. mpl built and installed
    > fine, but gave a bus error when trying to plot ("import
    > matplotlib" would work fine, but "import pylab" would give
    > the error).

It would be useful to create a test script

  from pylab import figure, show
  fig = figure()

and run it under different backends

  > python myscript.py -dPS
  > python myscript.py -dAgg
  > python myscript.py -dTkAgg

to see if all have the bus error. If we could isolate it to TkAgg or
*Agg, that would be informative.

Also, try installing Numeric and test to see if it is numpy specific

  > python myscript.py --Numeric
  > python myscript.py --numpy