Building matplotlib cannot find -ltk8.5 (whereas 0.91.4 works)

Chris <ceball@...552...> writes:


I posted this same message to matplotlib-users a couple of days ago, but now I
realize that this list is the more appropriate place.

I'm having trouble building matplotlib (transcript below).

I'm using copies of Python (2.5.1) and Tcl/Tk (8.5.5) that I have
built myself, and that are apparently working fine. I can use this
exact procedure to build 0.91.4 without any problems.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated - thanks!


$ cd matplotlib-
$ env PREFIX=/a/b/ LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/a/b/lib /a/b/bin/python build

I'm not sure what changed in matplotlib between 0.91.4 and, but the
procedure below seems to work for me:

$ tar -xzf matplotlib-
$ cd matplotlib-
$ rm setup.cfg
$ /a/b/bin/python build_ext -L$/a/b/lib/
$ env PREFIX=/a/b/ LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/a/b/lib /a/b/bin/python build