Building from svn on OS X, and nabble

First the easy one:

When I click on the link for the archives on the matplotlib page:

I get sent to this page:

which is in some Slavic looking language, so I can't tell what it's a forum for, but it's probably not matplotlib.


My _real_ question is about building from svn on OS X.

(Before anyone asks me _why_ I'm building on OS X, it's because there is a PDF bug in the current released version which I need to avoid).

There are instructions to modify make.osx to include a local directory where dependencies are downloaded, which I did. There aren't any further instructions, however, so I've building/installing using, which runs, but has a run-time error regarding free-type fonts that I have encountered before. I've also tried running make with various arguments, none of which appear to do anything useful.

What are the proper build/install commands for OS X once the make.osx file has been edited?