buildbot status

Hi All,

At the SciPy 09 sprints I worked with John Hunter on our automated build
and test infrastructure. It's still not *quite* there, but I thought I'd
point out a few things at this stage. (Much of this email is
more-or-less a status update for John.)

0. We have automated tests now running triggered by SVN commits. Most of
the image comparison tests are running and passing, but there are a few
failures. One seems to be a real bug that has cropped up since James
Evans generated the baseline image suite. Another seems to have been
fixed in that time. The rest seem to be a font rendering issue that is
still unresolved.

Real bug?:


1. The buildbot waterfall display is online at

2. A number of tests are failing because of font placement and/or font
anti-aliasing. (The baseline images seem to have slightly different font
images than generated ones, and generated ones are different on Mac OS X
and Ubuntu.) I think John is going to have an attempt at allowing font
anti-aliasing to be disabled. We'll see if that fixes it. The bug is
filed at

3. I've figured out how to get the buildslaves to upload to the
buildmaster. It turns out this is supported in buildbot. (See )

4. I have made use of the upload ability to gather the rendered,
baseline, and absdiff images in the case of failed tests. Right now,
with the help of a simple script to generate static html pages via rst,
I'm publishing these onto . (We could use a
similar mechanism to publish nightly builds.) I'd like to make links in
the appropriate place in the buildbot output to the image comparison
pages, but I have not dug into the buildbot sources to figure out how to
do that.

5. John (or other devs), I can give you login access to the buildmaster
on my VPS if you send me an ssh public key to use for that purpose.

6. The buildslave that John installed on the Sage project's Mac machine
seems to be failing to resolve the hostname
`', and thus can no longer build because
it can't pull down svn commits. John--do you have any idea what's going
on here?

Hopefully, we'll have all this sorted out soon.


Andrew Straw wrote:

I'm publishing these onto

Which I have now actually created a DNS entry for. If you tried and got
an error like "Address not found, can't find the server at", you should have better luck in a few minutes/hours
as the name propagates around DNS. For the impatient unix users, you can
add the line "" to your /etc/hosts
to bypass the DNS lookup and hardcode the address.