build problem on RH 3.2.3/python 2.2

I am trying to build matplotlib 0.84 on my Linux box:

    > python 2.2, Redhat 3.2.3-53, gcc version 3.2.3 20030502
    > (Red Hat Linux 3.2.3-53)

    > The error I got is listed below - I am at a loss as to what
    > is up. I have built 0.84 with no problem on my OS X
    > machine. The point in the code indicated by the error is
    > just after a #if / else checking whether Numeric of
    > Numarray is present. I have only Numeric on this machine
    > and the error occurs just after the #else indicating
    > Numeric is present. My OS X box has numarray, so I guess
    > this branch of code is not hit when I compile there. I did
    > comment out the py-modules line as suggested in the
    > since I am using python 2.2.

My guess is that this is because cntr.c is using a python2.3 only
macro, and we haven't sufficiently tested with python2.2. I've been
meaning to drop python2.2 support, but haven't had the time <wink>


Try replacing all occurrences of that with

extern "C"

and let us know. Just a guess....