Build for python2.2?

This may be more FUD than fact but... my recollection of

    > this is that different versions of Tcl/Tk are used between
    > Python-2.2 and Python-2.3, I believe 8.3 and 8.4
    > respectively. Our process for creating the windows binaries
    > for maplotlib requires a copy of the Tcl/Tk headers. The
    > last time I tried to make a 2.2 version of matplotlib, I was
    > able to get matplotlib to compile and link using different
    > Tcl/Tk headers (8.3), and matplotlib imported successfully,
    > but it was unstable. So, my impression is that the problem
    > boils down to getting Python-2.2 specific support for Tcl/Tk
    > into win32_static.

Not FUD, fact:-)

With this clarification I was able to get 2.2 compiled properly with
tkagg and the other backends. I uploaded it to the SF site. This is
the Numeric build.

Todd, I don't want to get into a situation where we are building
Numeric + numarray 0.9 + numarray 1.0 cross python 2.2, python2.3 and
python2.4 (that would be 9 win32 builds!) but we may want to consider
doing python2.2 builds for milestone releases, eg every couple/few
months. I uploaded a new win32 static to the sf site which includes
the tcl83 and tcl84 headers and updated in CVS to use