bug in autoscale

matplotlib CVS version.

There was a bug in the autoscaler in CVS briefly before the 0.72
release, but this was fixed. I reformatted your example into python
code and it runs fine with current CVS.

I appreciate the report, but could I ask you to do 2 things next time?
Please send proper python code which exposes the the bug (eg your
lists are not python lists) and report either the matplotlib version
that exposes the bug, or if you are using CVS, the revision number.

For example, if you suspect a bug in the ticking (where the autoscaler


cvs status lib/matplotlib/ticker.py

File: ticker.py Status: Up-to-date

   Working revision: 1.14
   Repository revision: 1.14 /cvsroot/matplotlib/matplotlib/lib/matplotlib/ticker.py,v

There is a problem with sourceforge that non-developer CVS checkouts
have long lags (eg the CVS version you get may be older than the
latest release!) but sourceforge says they are trying to fix this.