bug 3165422, color cycles even if kwarg 'color' is set


i just fixed this bug:
It's a one-liner. I think it's overkill to start a pull request for it.

--- a/lib/matplotlib/axes.py
+++ b/lib/matplotlib/axes.py
@@ -247,7 +247,7 @@ class _process_plot_var_args:

     def _makeline(self, x, y, kw, kwargs):
         kw = kw.copy() # Don't modify the original kw.
- if not 'color' in kw:
+ if not 'color' in kw and not 'color' in kwargs.keys():
             kw['color'] = self.color_cycle.next()
             # (can't use setdefault because it always evaluates
             # its second argument)

it's also attached.

Or do you want to use a pull request?

kind regards

colorcycle.patch (561 Bytes)