Darren Dale wrote:

The point is that although users will have to *have* numpy, they will
not yet have to convert all their other packages to numpy; if they have
extension packages built on numarray, for example, and accessed via code
using matplotlib.numerix, everything will still work.

Thanks for the clarification. Has there been any discussion about deprecating numerix at some point in the future?

I don't think so, apart from what I stated above, which was discussed quite some time ago. I think there is really no strong motivation to completely remove numerix from the present generation of matplotlib, although it does seem like it would be nice to nudge users toward pure and current numpy usage.

I imagine that mpl1, however, might never have a numerix at all; and maybe by the time mpl1 is ready for use, maskedarray will have replaced ma in numpy, so we won't need anything like numerix.npyma either.