Box On/Off?

Hello NG, I am sorry for the possible stupid

    > question. Does it make any sense to ask if it's possible
    > to define in matplotlib a Matlab-like command:

    > box on

    > or:

    > box off

    > In order to draw/undraw the axes bounding box?

I didn't know matlab had such a function, but it looks from your
description like it corresponds to the frame_on attribute of the
axes. You can turn the axes box off with, eg

  ax = subplot(111, frame_on=False)

or for an existing axes instance


or with matlab-like handle graphics

  setp(ax, frame_on=False)

( you can get the current axes instance wih gca() )

It just added a "box" wrapper function for pylab which

def box(on=None):
    Turn the axes box on or off according to 'on'

    If on is None, toggle state
    ax = gca()
    if on is None:
        on = not ax.get_frame_on()

which is now in CVS. Let me know if this has the desired behavior...